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Mistress Ginger & Friends: LIVE from the Gay Bat Cave — Episode 11

Mistress Ginger is going LIVE on Facebook, and you're invited! For the episode #11, Ginger is meeting up with Anna Hashizume and Jäc of Mixed Precipitation.

You’ll get to hear all about Mixed Precipitation’s current production, The Clemency of Tito’s Tennis Club, a picnic operetta playing now through the end of September, in parks throughout Minnesota. If you’ve ever wondered how Mozart, 80s New Wave music, and food can be combined, all your questions will be answered…and so much more!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, tune in for the fun via Mistress Ginger’s Facebook page at 7:00pm CST on Monday, August 26. And be sure to follow Ginger's Facebook page so that you get a notification when they go live.

In each episode of "Mistress Ginger & Friends," Ginger meets up with a different Twin Cities artist down in the Gay Bat Cave (Ginger’s dressing room). They chat about their creative adventures, answer your burning questions, and then talk about god knows what else. It’s live—anything could happen. (!!!)

If you're a Twin Cities artist who'd like to be interviewed for a future episode of "Mistress Ginger & Friends," contact Ginger at